It’s Not About The Coffee

I’m so excited that we will be releasing the first part of my interview with Shannon Hess on our new “Morning Coffee” YouTube page very soon! We had such a wonderful visit on the porch of her farm, enjoying a cup of coffee that she got when on a missions trip in Nicaragua. We walked around and saw her precious goats. She and her husband raise them and use the proceeds they gain from selling goats, goat milk and goat derived products to fund mission trips to help less fortunate. Shannon’s story comes with a lot of loss and pain, but more importantly, OVERCOMING! I can’t wait for you to join us in our conversation, just like you are sitting on the porch with us.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Coffee. The first thing I do every morning is grab a cup of coffee!! But my blog and YouTube page are not really about coffee. It’s all about people who are overcoming obstacles and tragedy. So why call it “Morning Coffee”? Well, let me tell you why I chose that name.

Some of my fondest memories are sitting down having coffee with my Grandma Treece. She was an early riser and when I would visit her, she would try to be so quiet and not wake us in the early morning hours. But, I couldn’t help but smell the fresh, brewing coffee and hear her quietly humming gospel hymns and talking to the Lord as she prepared herself for the morning. It wouldn’t matter how early it was, I was ready to get out of that bed, grab my favorite strawberry cup with a chip in it, pour a steamy cup of coffee and sit and talk with my Grandma. My last visit with her, before she passed away, was spent just like that. I will never forget that visit or that chat over coffee.

You see, it’s not about the coffee. It’s about the conversation that happens when we sit down with special people and talk about real life. It’s about the healing that comes from being able to release the pain that we have held inside and pour out our heart to someone who really cares and understands our pain.  People are hurting. There is a lot of pain in this world, yet I see people, every day that are doing their best to rise above that pain and not let it suffocate and destroy them. I, too, have been dealing with unimaginable pain, and so have so many of my friends and family. The past year has seemed to hit us all with such jarring force that it is a mystery how we are all still standing. Yet, we are all still standing. We don’t have answers for why so many are faced with such tragedy. I don’t know that we ever will. But, we are survivors. And, I love how we are taking the tragedy and turning it into triumph. Their stories have inspired me during my time of pain.

We are all still walking this journey of loss and tragedy. Every day is a new hurdle. We aren’t all above it. We are trudging through unknown territory, just like many of you. We are the ones in the grocery store with a smile that is hiding the heaviness of our hearts. We are the ones who would, most of the time, like to lock ourselves in our houses and never see anyone again.  But, together, it is so much easier to take the next step. I don’t want to do this alone and I don’t want you to, either.

So, that is what “Morning Coffee” is all about. It’s about people all over the world who don’t even know each other, coming together over coffee (or whatever you like to drink when you sit down for a heart to heart conversation with a trusted friend) and sharing what we are going through and how we are dealing with it. I hope that when you read these blogs, or watch the YouTube videos, you will feel like you are right there with us. I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to share your stories with me through email. It helps all of us to have people that we can talk to. No one should ever walk through pain alone. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us on this journey.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you won’t miss an episode! Shannon and I will talking about grief after losing a loved one, coming soon!

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