The Rag Man

Photo Credit: Maitlynn Rose

I have to say, I have been blessed with wonderful parents. Although my life has taken some tragic turns this year, I have learned that counting my blessings is far better than licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself. So, every time I’m faced with situations that seem to want to destroy me, I look at all the good things in my life, my family, my children, my health, my Jesus who has carried me through everything. I am blessed. When you suffer unexpected loss, tragedy and betrayal you do have to take time and allow yourself to heal. There are days when you need to realize that it is ok to feel a little sorry for yourself and even stay in your jammies and avoid talking to anyone all day. Just don’t camp out there for long. You have to allow yourself to grieve loss, but then realize that there is hope. You, regardless of what you have been through, are known by God and He loves you and will carry you through.

Jesus sees everyone as something
even if others have thrown them aside as nothing.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my Dad, over coffee, of course, and talk about how God takes what others may look at as nothing and makes something beautiful. My dad preached a message several years ago, that I never forgot, about how people are never used up trash. Jesus sees everyone as something beautiful, even if others have thrown them aside as nothing. He longs for the day that he can get ahold of them and show them how cherished they are and mold them into a masterpiece that He designed for good things. I encourage you to listen and I hope that wherever you are, today, you will see that regardless of what you have been through or how others have treated you, God loves you so very much. Listen to the story of “The Rag Man” and know that you are cherished and loved and He wants to restore you. And, He wants those of us who understand that, to let Him use us to help restore others. Be blessed today!

(Click “The Rag Man” link, below to watch the video.)

The Rag Man

(Side Note: What I didn’t know is that my dad was in tremendous pain while taping this. It was a Saturday Morning and my 19 year old son was scheduled for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy the following Monday. He didn’t want any of us to know he was hurting as badly as he was until we got my son through his surgery. That following Monday, while waiting for my son to come out of recovery, he talked with his cardiology nurse who sent him straight to the ER. The following day he had a heart cath and found that he had no blockages. Thank you, Jesus! Three days later, my oldest daughter had to have an emergency appendectomy. Talk about unexpected stuff! The hospital where my daughter had her surgery was where my husband spent weeks right before he died. The halls, the rooms, the nurses were all constant reminders of a very terrible time we have recently walked through. It made us miss him all the more. However, we all decided to focus on our blessings, not everything bad that seemed to be hitting us all at once. I was blessed to be able to be healthy and available to care for my loved ones. We had each other and we weren’t alone. While the hospital was tough, we were again reminded by nurses of what an impact my husband, David, had on them through his cancer battle. We were greeted with hugs and they were like long lost family. We got to spend some quality time together that many times gets lost with all our busyness. I haven’t gotten to sit and just watch a movie with my oldest daughter, just the two of us, in I don’t know when. We got to spend more time with my parents and my sister came to be with us, too. I can’t really understand why sometimes it seems to be hard hitting all at the same time, but I really do believe that we have to share with others so that they can see that you just don’t have to give up because difficult things happen. You just don’t. There is so much joy in taking one step forward at a time and letting the hard things make you stronger and more thankful for your blessings. Just had to share that! Hope it helped someone.)

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